History of Educational Technology

There is no written evidence which can tell us exactly who has coined the phrase educational technology. Different educationists, scientists and philosophers at different time intervals have put forwarded different definitions of Educational Technology. Educational technology is a multifaceted and integrated process involving people, procedure, ideas, devices, and organization, where technology from different fields of science is borrowed as per the need and requirement of education for implementing, evaluating, and managing solutions to those problems involved in all aspects of human learning.

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Dental Laboratories – What Makes A Competitive And Safe One

Dental laboratories are key in the creation of a perfect smile for millions of people who are looking for one. Important items used for dental care are made in these facilities. Bridges, caps, fillings, laminates and veneers for the teeth are mass-produced here.

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Technical Steps to Frame Fitting

When selecting a frame, how do you ensure the frame fits properly? Do you use a technical guideline or rely on customer feedback? As the eyewear industry expands the boundaries of frame design, eyecare professionals need to adapt the characteristics of the frame fitting process to the changing climate of frame shapes and styles.

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